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Luxilon Ace 112 String Set 12m (1.12mm) Big Banger

Luxilon Ace 112 String Set 12m (1.12mm) Big Banger

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12,98 €
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Luxilon produces high end, state-of-the-art and superior quality strings which even meet the high quality requirements in e.g. medical and aerospace industries. The strings are tested in laboratories for all relevant features to ensure a perfect performance. Unmatched durability Excellent playability No noticeable loss of tension No slipping of the strings and the unparalleled quality of equality characterize these strings. The ACE is a thin and durable string with excellent touch and comfort. It offers additional spin support. The string set is cut from the roll. It is absolutely new.


NameLuxilon Ace 112 String Set 12m (1.12mm) Big Banger
Länge12 m
Saitenstärke1,12 mm
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